Kristin Laak | Vital Flow
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Vital Flow Healing is intuitive and deep. A natural healing method that works with the flow of natural energy, or prana, to promote optimal vitality and well being. You can expect, deep relaxation, rejuvenation and peace with possible resolution to imbalances throughout the system, including physical, emotional and energetic.

I have been a Breema Bodywork practitioner and teacher since 1998, a Pranic Healer since 2004. With years of experience as a Yoga Teacher and an intimate understanding of the human system, my ability to integrate the various methodologies of healing and bodywork has matured into this natural, effective and deeply healing form.

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What others are saying:

For years, I have experienced bouts of deep-fatigue and irritability that my M.D. could not attribute to any specific medical condition. I have tried several coping strategies over the years, and none provided lasting relief. In working with Kristin, I have experienced a palpable shift in my energy level–her methods are truly effective. In concert with the healing techniques she uses, she has provided profound insights that have helped shape my perspective, and I now feel equipped rather than deprived.

~  Brenda Cornett, Founder of Brand Viva Design Co


Kristin’s work is deep, clear, and empowering. Through her exceptional and precise insight my own ability to heal myself was activated and deepend within my being.  I have become much more engaged in my personal healing in a directed and aware way.  The result has been very clear in my physical body and relaxing and beautiful in my emotional and spiritual life.  I recommend her work.

  ~ Andrea, Artist and Mother


I went to see Kristin for grief and loss issues that were overwhelming me. Kristin enabled me to find connectedness and inner strength. Because of my sessions with Kristin, I was able to begin moving beyond. Every time I see Kristin, I find a growing sense of freedom  and hope. As a result of my sessions with her, I’ve been able to resolve past issues and make strong committed new decisions.

~  Wendy Levy, Attorney