Kristin Laak | Mentoring
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Life offers unimaginable gifts. To open to our fullest potential, we must identify our innate inner capacities, in turn, receiving the precious gifts of life.

How do we skillfully tap our inner capacities? As our understanding grows concerning actions and experiences in relation to the health of our innermost self or soul, we gain momentum to live with ease and contentment.

Mentoring offers guidance and practical tools to illuminate the relationship between one’s life, lifestyle and inner well being. Helping to establish and support the conditions to experience more meaning, satisfaction, and spaciousness in daily life. Facilitating one’s innate ability to access peace and contentment.

Sessions can benefit anyone interested in establishing balance and equanimity in a busy world. Opening to the natural vitality flowing within and growing one’s capacity for peace of mind, while paving the way to experiencing the bliss that is our natural state.


Areas addressed may include, but are not limited to:

Ones Inner Life/Spiritual Practice
Livelihood/Teaching Yoga


To Schedule a session:  [email protected]






What others are saying:


Kristin has been a pivotal teacher in my life and I have had many.  She has led me to finding a true path and deep healing.  Don’t miss the opportunity to work with her.

Kyle Mercer, Founder of Inquiry Method

My relationship with Kristin has been a powerful force of guidance and wisdom in my life.  I live in Boulder, CO where I have access to many gifted yoga teachers, and still I seek out her insight and study with her as I am able.  I started as a yoga student of hers 14 years ago, and have also been the grateful recipient of her energy work and mentoring.  Kristin has guided me over the years in personalizing my yoga and meditation practice, and continues to support me in evolving how I practice–which translates deeply into how I live.  I seek her out for truth, clear reflection, and the utmost in skilled and knowledgeable guidance.

~  Ellen Boeder, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist