Kristin Laak | Ongoing Classes
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Jivana Yoga is appropriate for all level of practitioners.

These Classes consist of Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathwork), Meditation and Yoga Theory – No Classes Due to Pandemic

Mondays                                Jivana Yoga Class, 9:15 – 11am, Westside Yoga Studio, Sebastopol CA

Thursdays                              Jivana Yoga Class, 9 – 10:30am, Alive Yoga Studio, Sebastopol CA

Fridays                                   Jivana Yoga Program, Sadvidya Foundation, Sebastopol CA

Please contact Kristin if you have any questions

Private and semi privates available by appointment

What others are saying:

Kristin was a senior yoga teacher at Rasa Yoga Center.She was on our regular schedule and was also an integral part of our 200 hour teacher training program.

The easiest way to express my feelings is to simply say, “Kristin is the real deal”. She lives her yoga… she is one of the deepest and most dedicated teacher I have experienced. Her devotion to her practice and her teaching is the most beautiful expression of the true philosophy of yoga. She is at the same time, the most humble person I know and one of the most gifted… a rare combination. Whomever she teaches is receiving a gift beyond anything I could write here. Our students miss her dearly… our studio/town has a space now that no one else can quite fill in the same way.

~ Julie Freed, Manger of Rasa Center for Yoga and Wellness

I’m not sure I can do justice regarding what it’s meant to me to be Kristin’s student. After many years practicing with a number of wonderful teachers, it was through Kristin’s guidance that I started to really develop my practice and take it to another, more serious level. Kristin is an excellent teacher of physical asana, and helped me develop and refine that aspect of my practice. But more importantly, she taught me what yoga is, why we practice it and what is and what isn’t quite so important in yoga and in life. I hold Kristin in the highest regard, and will carry her many teachings within me for the rest of my life.

~ Andy Harris