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Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Theory, Ayurvedic Cooking

Ashland OR  –  JULY 22th & 23th

Join us for a two day immersion into Jivana Yoga. We’ll begin with a morning practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. This will be followed by a yoga philosophy talk covering various aspects of the inner meaning of practice, chanting, and yoga. We’ll chant together, and then share the joy of cooking a few South Indian Ayurvedic dish to be shared as a group.

Friday, July 22nd: 

Saturday , July 23rd:


$100 – $200, sliding scale


[email protected]

Sadvidya Foundation conducts workshops around the world on various topics related to yoga, including “Leading a Yogic lifestyle”, “The Eight Limbs of Ashtanga,” “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” and more. For more information  [email protected]

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Sebastopol, CA

Please Join Kristin Laak & Dr. Gillian Learner

for a Refreshing, Insightful & Restful Jivana Yoga Retreat.

Surrounded by natural beauty – take this time for your-Self.

This workshop will be held in a beautiful private retreat setting and is limited to 10 participants, supporting deeper understanding of the interrelationship between lifestyle, Yoga and the true nature of body, mind and soul. Suitable for all levels.

Sat – Sun

   8:30 – 10:15     Jivana Yoga Practice, Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

   10:15 – 10:45   Light Snack and Kashaya Served

   10:45 – 12:00  Yoga – Ayurveda Theory Lecture

    12:00 – 1:00     South Indian Lunch Served

    1:00 – 2:00       Walk, Journal, Swim in Silence

    2:00 – 2:30       Live Music Under the Trees

    2:30 – 4:00       Q & A, Followed by Paranayama & Meditation

Kristin Laak has been teaching since 1987, leading teacher trainings and workshops both locally and internationally. She is devoted to the teachings of Dr. Shankaranarayana Jois. Since 1994, Kristin has studied with Dr. Jois in India with a focus on Ayurveda, Yoga philosophy and the impact of lifestyle choices within a yogic context. Kristin teaches Jivana Yoga, a holistic system based in the ancient teachings of India. Jivana Yoga is designed to be adapted by all levels of practitioners opening a way towards one’s original and natural inner depths. Through her heartfelt teaching style and many years of personal practice, Kristin is known for supporting others to find their own authentic connection to the yoga path

Dr. Gillian Lerner is a licensed psychologist and a longtime student of yoga and meditation. Gillian works clinically in private practice and teaches stress reduction and meditation both privately and in hospital settings. The focus of her teaching is to help individuals still the body and quiet the mind, in order to have access to one’s inner world of peace and well-being. Gillian has been traveling to India for the past 18 years to study Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy with her teacher, Dr. Shankaranarayana Jois, whose teachings and guidance have deeply impacted her personal path and professional practice. Gillian has a passion for Ayurvedic cooking and feels compelled to share, with grace, this ancient wisdom.

Cost: $300 – $400… sliding scale


[email protected]

Sadvidya Foundation conducts workshops around the world on various topics related to yoga, including “Leading a Yogic lifestyle”, “The Eight Limbs of Ashtanga,” “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” and more. For more information  krist[email protected]


                               Nov 21st – 22nd

Saturday, April 2nd, 1-4pm
at Rasa Ashland

Looking into the heart of yoga, we discover that through a naturally quieted mind, every aspect of our being is drawn closer into balance. This balance is dynamic as it requires deep self enquiry and sustained equanimity of mind. In this workshop we will tap our intuitive intelligence and insight to cultivate deep internal clarity and calm in the practice.

The workshop will begin with a discussion of yoga philosophy that will illuminate yogic principles that pave the way for balance, equanimity and insight. We will then embark on an asana practice based on the natural intelligence of the body, opening to our unique range of motion within any given posture. Pranayama (breath control) practice and meditation follows. For all levels.

Saturday/Sunday, June 4-5th ~ 9am-5pm
at Rasa Ashland
Part of Rasa 200 hour Teacher Training – open to public

Kristin – LYDeepen your yoga knowledge & experience with this CEU study course that delves into the content & context of yoga philosophy. We will look into the process of yoga as it encompasses the whole human existence – physical, phychological & spiritual.

Our studies will reference classical yoga texts, particularly an in-depth look at the first four Yoga Sutras, and advanced look at others, & a thorough review of the Yamas & Niyamas, the ethical precepts set forth in Patanjali’s Sutras. We’ll review the different types of yoga – Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, Laya, Raja – as we continue to solidify the foundation of our practice with a better understanding of its origins and what lies beyond and within.

Cost: Asana only 9-11am, $50 both days or $30 each – paid by 6/1
Full Training $115 by 6/1, or $125

What others are saying:

Kristin’s spacious and simultaneously precise delivery of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy has elevated every aspect of my practice. Not in the external sense of mastering (seemingly) complex poses, but on a much more subtle level in which I can identify how my energy feels, witness the activity of my mind without reacting to it, and be more compassionate with myself around my changing physical needs and challenges. Importantly, Kristin’s embodied and holistic approach to teaching has catalyzed my personal healing towards a new direction in which the body is now the entry point into the infinite. Studying with Kristin helped me recognize that my body was simply the shape around the substance of the truth of who I am, made progressively more permeable each time I went seeking within. She essentially revolutionized my inner experience of myself and my capacity – both in my asana practice, and more importantly in my life – while also bringing me back to beginner’s mind where everything is possible. This expansive approach to the practice serves me not just as a yoga student, but also as a human while enhancing my abilities as a yoga instructor. I continue to absorb and translate her teachings further into my practice, and I feel that as a teacher I am drawing my voice from a clearer, more authentic and increasingly intuitive place. I am ever grateful for her presence as an instructor and guide on the yogic path.

~ Molly Boede Harris, Founder & Executive Director of The Breathe Network

Through Kristin’s influence and guidance the essence of the yogic practice has become fully alive for me. Until I met her I did not totally comprehend the true power and practice of yoga.  
Kristin comes as close to living an ideal yogic lifestyle (as a householder) as one could possibly follow while living in a Western world.
In her teaching and presence something more is revealed that helps me integrate the real meaning of yoga into my daily life. 
Kristin’s knowledge, mentorship, and encouragement have been invaluable.  
I attribute much of my personal growth and development as a student of yoga to her and her teacher Acharya.  
My life has been blessed, enriched  and forever changed…

Sandy Dennis, Director – 
Inner Wisdom Yoga

I first entered yoga going from class to class, intrigued by something I could not quite grasp, but I knew was far deeper than the just physical asana practice.

Years later, even with my own teaching certificate under my belt, I took a yoga philosophy class on the Yamas and Niyamas with Kristin Laak and it was this particular day in which the bigger truth of yoga and the impact it would have on my life was ignited deep within my being.

My understanding and application of yoga moved from an outward physical practice with little nuggets of wisdom here and there, to a private, intimate connection to the divine that I had been leaning towards and yearning for.  A re-connection to my childhood, my heart, my soul and what I now know as a truth I can trust and rely upon.  Kristin’s presence, wisdom, and kindness became the portal in which I could hear and integrate the knowledge she was sharing.

I am forever grateful for the simplicity and authenticity in which Kristin teaches and holds space.  Kristin was “Grace” that blanketed me in a dark time after loss and reconnected my practice to the Eternal, The Divine, God……..whatever language softens you to take you to the point of entry.  I cannot think of any gift more reverent to give or receive than a point of entry to!

Lisa Norvell, Life Coach & RealtorJivanaYogaOfferingTalent